5 BJP Members Raped And Filmed Alleges 24yrs old Woman In Gujarat, FIR registered, Big Racket Of Flesh Trade

BJP members Shantilal Solanki (L) and Chetan Thakkar (R) are among the accused. (Photo : Ahmedabad Mirror)


  • 24 years old woman raped, filmed and sexually exploited in Kutch
  • She accused 10 people in which 5 are active members of BJP 
  • Kutch local BJP President refused to take action against the accused members until proven guilty
  • All accused are absconding after police registered FIR against them
  • Victim alleged 35 women are being exploited by this 65 members racket

Kutch, Gujarat : An FIR has been registered by Kutch Police against 10 people under IT act and for kidnapping, rape and blackmailing a 24 years old woman in Naliya Taluka, Kutch. Five of the main accused are active members of BJP.


According to Ahmedabad Mirror report, these five active BJP members has been identified in the FIR are Shantilal Solanki, Vipul Thakkar, Ashwin Thakkar, Govind and Chetan Thakkar. The accused who are local builders and real estate agents in the region allegedly forced the woman to work as an escort to cater their clients with whom they wanted to strike business deals.

In her complaint she stated that “The accused raped her and recorded it. Later, they used it to blackmail and sexually exploit her.” She also alleged that the accused promised to make her an active member of BJP and even gave her an identity card for a BJP training session.

Meanwhile the Kutch BJP President has taken a ‘negligence’ stance after a 24- year-old woman accused five of its members for blackmail and rape charges. An FIR registered recently by Sangita (name changed), of Naliya taluka in Kutch, states that the BJP leaders were among the 10 people who kidnapped, blackmailed and sexually exploited her on several occasions. The party’s district leadership has said that action will be taken against these members ‘if the accusations against them are proved’.

FIR copy

Copy of FIR registered and sent to District Magisterial Office



Local BJP party refused to take action against accused members

In an interview with Kutch BJP president Keshubhai Patel told the Mirror, “The men named in the FIR are BJP members and we are checking if they were really involved in exploiting the woman. If their role is confirmed, we will ensure that they are suspended.”


The other five accused identified as Bharat Darji, Ketan Thakkar, Atul Thakkar and Baba Chauhan of Naliya and Vasant of Adipur as accused. The Superintendent of the Police (Kutch West) Markand Chauhan said that they have booked the accused under the IT Act and for rape, kidnapping and blackmailing.

He said, “All the accused are absconding and we have made a Special Investigation Team of eight cops headed by a DySP to nab them,”.  Sangita, who is a graduate, started working as a computer operator at a gas agency in Naliya in 2015 after she separated from her husband who lives in Mumbai has been victimised on several occasions.

According to her complaint, Shantilal Solanki (50) who owns the agency once called her to his residence on pretext of giving her an advance salary.

There, he spiked my drink, leaving me partially unconscious. Three people took turns to rape me that day and they video-taped the whole incident. When I regained consciousness, they showed me the video and threatened to kill my brother and mother if I didn’t do their bidding,” she said in the FIR.

She identified the other two men as Vipul Thakkar and Bharat Darji, both are local businessmen. After the incident, she quit the job and tried to keep a distance from her alleged attackers. But she was allegedly convinced to take back the job by her relative Babbabhai. “He took me to Solanki’s residence and raped me once again,” she stated. “Again, the whole incident was videographed and used to blackmail me,” she alleges in the FIR.

Huge Racket Of Flesh Trade and Sexual Exploitation ?

Sangita alleged that Atul Thakkar, the leader of the Lohana community used the rape videos to blackmail her to act as an escort to businessmen. “There are over 35 other women who are exploited similarly and used as escorts for influential people,” the FIR reads.

According to Sangita’s complaint, there is a group of 65 builders and politicians in Naliya who lure women with promise of employment. These women are allegedly blackmailed into prostitution. The victim claimed that Atul Thakkar handled the entire operation from ‘white bungalow’.

Source : Ahmedabad Mirror



  1. Law and justice is only for the poor not for rich and influential….yet we call our country great….innocents middle class people dragged to courts by false filer’s of 498A, DV, Rape etc, they are being taken in custody and govt ruin there hard earned lives, after acquittal govt does not provide any benefit for the bereft of their future, what is india great all about, no core human value either in the legislature nor in the system of policing and governance….
    The fundamental flaw in not the system but the Indians….Humanism is the basis of anything, be it nationalism, fundamentalism, corruption etc…. it human value is degraded in the society then everything starts to play, what not corruption, false filers, extortion, illegal trade, etc….We Indians forgot the basics taught the age old indian traditions, running in guise of westernisation, and women empowerment…empowerment of someone is good until it does not invade the rights of other,my strong perception about india is that it is nation lost its core human values and being run by fools.


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