550 people are losing jobs everyday, atleast 12 crore unemployed in India


Unemployment has shown a drastic increase in the past few years ,While youth are struggling to gain jobs PM Modi issued a statement that “Selling pakodas is better than being unemployed “.This statement has not only created many jokes but also adds on to the worries of youth seeking jobs .
According to a report released by Aajtak

In Details:

-Around 11% is unemployed that amounts to 12 crore unemployed .
-2015/16 saw maximum umemployment in the last five years .
-12 crore people are unemployed ,only 1.35 lakh people got jobs .
-In the last four years 550 jobs/day have decreased .
-In the last four years the female unemployment has jumped to 8.7%.
-The opportunities for self employment have reduced and jobs have reduced .

These figures have been released by labour department .According to the report the number of educated youth who are unemployed is high ,25% are between 20-24 years ,17% are between 25-29 years .14.30 crore yourh above 20 years are searching for jobs .

According to experts the steady increase in the rate of unemployment will pose problems to the government .According International Labour organisation in 2018 the umemployment would further increase which is a bad news for the economy of the nation .


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