70-Year-Old Dies After Being Forced To Stand On One Leg for Calf Death


Bhopal :  A 70-year-old farmer died in Madhya Pradesh’s Bundelkhand region after he was reportedly forced to stand on one leg for about three hours to “atone” for a calf’s death.

The villager Har Singh Lodhi died in Bada Malhera area of Chhattarpur district two days ago. according to source the 70-year-old farmer died after he was reportedly forced to stand on one leg for about three hours for the death of a calf in Bundelkhand, Bhopal.


Local Police inspector Dharamjit Singh Patel said that they have registered a case and sent body for post-mortem reports.

According a to report published on The Telegraph , on 9 December, a calf was found dead on his farm with an empty bottle of rat poison lying nearby. The panchayat is said to have summoned Lodhi and asked him to atone for his “sin” of allegedly leaving a bottle of poison open.

Meanwhile, Lodhi’s son Dariyab said his father had to undergo a series of “purification” rituals asked by self claimed ‘Gau Rakshak’.

Few eye witnesses say, Karan Lodhi, Gondi Lodhi and Mardan reportedly asked the farmer to stand on one leg two days ago. The villager repeatedly pleaded with the three men to reduce the punishment but was overruled, Dariyab said.

The report suggests a case has been registered under Section 174 of the CrPC (death under circumstances raising a reasonable suspicion).

Cow vigilantism in india by self-appointed ‘gau rakshaks’ has been on the rise in recent months. One of the most recent incidents this year was when on July 11 four Dalit youths were tied and beaten up for allegedly skinning a dead cow. Protest broke out across Gujarat after this incident.

Image Source : South Live



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