A Honda car with 76 Lakhs In New 2,000-Rupee Notes seized In Surat


Mumbai: According to multiple case of new notes are being seized, It seems there is no shortage of new notes for chosen few. In yet another case new Rs 2000 notes worth Rs 76 lakhs were seized from a car in Surat.  Four people, three men and a woman, were travelling in the car.


The Honda car is said to be entered Gujarat from Maharashtra when the police seized the cash.The Surat booty sounds humongous. Till you consider that 106 crores in cash were found in raids in Chennai yesterday. Most of the money was in the outlawed 500- and 1,000-rupee notes. 10 crores was in new bills. 125 kilos of gold were also found in the searches at eight different locations.

More update awaits. ..


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