Abhijeet Bhattacharya Twitter Account suspended for being Serial Abuser


Former Bollywood singer Abhijeet Bhattacharya twitter account with over 1.2 Million followers suspended by twitter. Its bad time for him now.

According to source, his account was suspended for his abusive behaviour on social media platform, recently  he abused former vice president of JNU student union Sehla Rashid. Here is what he tweeted when she blamed few BJP leaders for running Sex racket and child trafficking in some of BJP ruled state.


Here is what he wrote :

There is rumours she took money in advance for 2 hrs and didn’t satisfy the client.. big racket.

The tweet went against twitter community guideline and might be the reason behind Abhijeet account suspension, here is another tweet which he quoted BJP MP Presh Rawal tweet and said “And shoot them..”. This tweet also goes against Twitter community guideline under threat of life for an individual.

His account may return back after few days of week but suspension of his account will definitely give a lesson for life. This is not first time he has done abusive tweet. he is a serial offender.

Looking back with an anecdote from last year when the tastefully (not) offensive (very) gentleman landed in trouble after he posted a tweet with inaccurate information, painting a murder in Chennai as a case of ‘Love Jihad’, and upon being called out, Abhijeet resorted to abusive language and name calling.

The above tweet led to Abhijeet to be arrested for his abusive tweets and then being released on bail, but sadly has not stopped posting abusive and wildly objectionable tweets from his Twitter account, something which has led to him being endeared by Right Wing faction on Twitter.


We must say, Abhijeet has mastered the art of making violent threats. Last month back, the singer called the Lieutenant General (retd) Harcharanjit Singh Panag a Pak supporter and even said that Kavita Krishnan an ugly face and anti-nationalist. He even made derogatory comments against Ae Dil Hai Mushkil filmmaker Karan Johar for casting actor Fawad Khan in his film. He even questioned the loyalty of Khans.



#IndianArmy को सवाल करने वाला A known Gay, an ISI paid @vinodkapri ws thrown out from d job by d TVchannel 4 his antinational activities.. https://t.co/MmfMfk9Ow9

Well, Now you know why  he is doing all this. I’m guessing whatever running in your mind is true.





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