ABP NEWS demands apology from Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV for maligning their journalists image


New Delhi: Republic TV got stuck in latest controversy after one of India’s most watched Hindi news channels, ABP News has reportedly demanded an on-air apology from Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV after the latter portrayed one of the former’s reporters as a ‘goon’ during a live broadcast on Tuesday night.


Republic TV had accused several individuals from the venue of Jignesh Mevani’s rally in Delhi of having intimidated its reporter, Shivani Gupta. Republic TV had broadcasted images of several indivuals and called them thugs. Among those whose images were circled in red were the husband of columnist Pratishtha Singh, and Jainendra Kumar, a reporter with ABP News.

Its on-screen headline attributed to Arnab Goswami had screamed, “Tonight I will put out videos circling the pictures of the vulgar thugs who tried to intimidate Shivani and failed.”
“This despicable man Arnab Goswami defamed my husband on his channel”wrote Pratishta Singh in an article questioning Republic TV on falsely accusing her husband .

“I have a few questions for that despicable man; who crossed all limits to call my husband and others ‘vulgar thugs’ while accusing them of intimidating his female colleague. When the female reporter had made a video with voice recording, why did you convert them into still images? Why don’t you show the whole video with the audio so that the truth comes out? Let the republic of India know how you’ve made a lucrative career by constantly selling lies and damaging ordinary public’s reputation”


She further claimed “I don’t think Goswami has the guts to show the video which will clearly reveal how all the men were backing away from that woman while making it abundantly clear that they had lost hope in media!”

ABP NEWS has strongly objected to it and has demanded an on air apology. ABP’s Abhisar Sharma took to Facebook to express his anger. He wrote angrily, “Last night, not only did a so-called news channel Republic TV portray an innocent person as a goon, but also called one of India’s finest TV reporters, Jainendra Kumar, a goon by circling his image. What’s this channel about? Where have they come from? What kind of mentally sick people are running this channel? Who are goons here? It’s they who broadcast anything they wish, who defame others by taking supari from a particular political party. This is the first time a news channel has called a reporter from another news channel a goon. They are crossing every limit and there’s nobody, who can restrain these extortionists.”

Republic TV is not new to series of controversial journalism, from witch hunting Congress leader Shashi Tharoor to several fake news, it has been exposed on several occasions.



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