After Jalandhar, BJP Star Campaigner Narendra Modi Addresses ’Empty Ground’ in Panaji, Goa


Panaji, Goa : BJP and Narendra Modi dream of forming government in Goa, is looking to be a nightmare for them. Prime Minister Narendra Modi today addressed a rally in Panaji, Goa with empty chairs.

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PM Modi was in Panaji, Goa (28-Jan-2017) to address an election rally, where he urged voters to re-elect the BJP government. BJP government is ruling Goa since 2012. In his inimitable style of urging votes for BJP, he asked Goans to elect a stable government.

He further tagetted Congress which is the major Opposition now in assembly, he said, “The Opposition parties are working all night, more than the efforts our Finance Minister put to prepare the Budget, its just to criticise the advancement of budget date. It is an indication BJP and team have accepted defeat in the forthcoming polls,” in Goa’s capital Panaji.


Again PM Modi requested the voters of Goa to give a comfortable majority to the BJP in the election for “growth” and stability of the state, which had suffered due to instability in the past. He forgot that in past his BJP only ruling Goa from last 5 year. If he is talking about instability then why BJP government which is in power since 2012 has bring the stability?

However, the prime minister was once again left red-faced with lack of response to his rally. As reported by Indian Express, nearly half the ground, where Modi addressed the rally, was left empty.

PM modi has faced same situation yesterday (27-jan-2017) in Jalandhar, Punjab where he addressed ‘Empty chairs’ and many reported to leave his rally while he was speaking.

There’s anger against the saffron BJP party in the state. Many people told Reporter that they are angry with Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar, who they felt had betrayed voters in Goa.

Today’s empty chair response to a rally addressed by a person no less than a prime minister of India, will cause plenty of heartburn in the BJP camps in general and the PM in particular. This assumes significance also because Panaji, where Modi addressed today’s rally has traditionally been a BJP bastion and always elected Parrikar until he was elevated to Modi’s cabinet.

Source : JKR and IE


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