After Modi, its his minister Piyush Goyal who ignored upside Down Indian Flag during Photoshoot


Saudi Arab : When there is set a standard for spreading out the national flag on every occasion, there is no justification for saying that it was an inadvertent mistake.

Although a special kind of care is given in erecting the national flag yet there are instances of inattention in respect towards out tricolour on the foreign lands. On one occasion, just more than a week ago in a major goof-up by the Saudi Arabia government, the tri-colour was seen flowing upside down in an official meeting during the Union Minister Piyush Goyal’s meeting with his Saudi counterpart in Dubai. He was attending a round-table conference on renewable energy.


Just the similar situation was seen way back in the year of 2015 when the Prime Minister Narendra Modi was seen at his presence on ASEAN summit. Strangely enough, Modi overlooked his country’s flag hanging upside down. He remained too inactive in looking at the tricolour’s wrong position at the time. In the picture, he was seen busy with his photo-op sesh with his Japanese counterpart Shinzo Abe prior to bilateral talks on the sidelines of ASEAN summit.

The pungency of the unusual situation on both the occasions makes us unhappy. They remained completely unaware of the national flag loosely hanging down just in the background. It was their in activeness for paying no attention to the national flag flowing upside down and going ahead for photo sessions. This was at once in some ways so much more absenteeism and in every way so much sadder than their services to the country. It not only bores the citizens us but also particularly pleases staunch adversaries. There is nothing forward-looking approach in it and also it goes out of tune with the main trend of Sushma Swaraj’s nationalistic feeling which she more often portrays with her steps and moves.


It can be said if she had been present on those two different occasions, she would have raised this aberration at the government level. Are these instances not hitting at the desecration of the national flag as actually and finally weakened by the country’s super leaders? They seemed to have wasted their time and energy by the ignorance surrounding them at that hour. The official must have seen it and criticised it as an unintentional mistake. But the question remains unanswered as none at political level lifted any cry over the bilateral. It is but a faint fleck of shadow perceptible with the gradual deterioration in our political profligacy. Carelessness diverts attention so easily as letting our leaders disregarding the majesty of the national flag. Even if they do not forget to publicise every event in order to secure a better public image.

Social Media went Crazy over this recent incident.


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