Alert : Postcard News Caught spreading Fake news about AAP with a Fake Twitter Handle


In this social media age, you are asked not to believe on internet news unless or until you verify it from any authentic source like ANI or PTI.

This article which was published by Postcard news got thousand of share and likes, if you don’t like a political party thats fine in a democracy but just because you don’t like a party dosen’t means you will share even fake news about that party.


Check out how it was all started, according to our source this Twitter handle had just 200 followers and its claim to have 1 lakh followers.

SMHoaxSlayer Image

This handle created in January and did only 15 tweets , which all where shared widely.

This handle claim to be working with AAP for 5 year, which again is false. As this handle was created in Jan 2017.

Irony of this tweeter handle was, it was created an hour before and there were no follower. If you look at you won’t find any embedded tweet. As they knew they will be disabling the handle after capturing the tweet image.


All the tweets are typed and not embeded is a sign of fake news.

If you look at tweet time all  these tweets were done between 12 PM to 12:45 PM and account was disabled,

Please see all fake news portal who published this news to defame AAP with a fake tweet.

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 Watch Dhruv Rathee Exposing in a live video.

This website has spread fake news many times

If you remember or not, recently when there was a news about UAE government raid on Dawood’s property and seized Rs 15,000 crores worth property was also shared by Postcard News.

They played a big role in spreading that news on social media sites.



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