Amit Shah drops axe on his own feet, compared opposition with animals and Modi with Natural Disaster


Amit shah addressing a rally in Mumbai insulted the opposition parties and compared them to animals ,inviting criticism from the opposition parties .

He was addressing a rally on the occasion of BJP foundation day ,where he tried to take a dig on opposition ‘s call for unity and said “PM Modi had spooked ‘cats, dogs, snakes and mongoose to unite’.Fearing the ‘Modi flood’, a snake, a mongoose, a dog and a cat have come together to contest elections”, says BJP chief Amit Shah.The BJP chief asserted that the Modi government will neither scrap the reservation policy nor allow anyone else to do so. His statement comes amid a raging controversy related to the alleged dilution of the SC/ST Act following a Supreme Court ruling.

As 2019 approaches the opposition parties are reaching out to each other to form an united opposition front with the aim of defeating BJP .The Congress took a stand by adopting “a pragmatic approach for cooperation with all like-minded parties by evolving a common workable programme to defeat the BJP-RSS in the 2019 general elections.” Meanwhile, West Bengal CM and TMC supremo Mamata Banerjee as well NCP’s Sharad Pawar have been meeting a host of leaders from regional parties to drum up support and discuss a ‘Third Front’.

The efforts of opposition has rattled the BJP leadership and is visible by the unwarranted attack on opposition parties by calling them cats ,dogs and mongoose . The growing unrest in parts of Northindia with increasing attacks on minorities and Dalits has affected the image of the government .Added to that are reports of decline in employment and economic recession have further increased the problems of the government .

Many who voted the party for their promise of Vikas seem to be disappointed with the party .The reports of opposition coming together to form a united front seems to have led to the BJP presidents attack on the opposition parties .The BJP is on defensive mode and has increased its attack on the opposition parties .Further the party’s election campaign in Karnataka suffered setbacks with poor turnout and goof ups by Amit shah in his speeches .

The animal comments further shows that the party is disturbed by the political changes happening in the country and will not hesitate to unleash rude attacks on the opposition . Amit shah’s comments have evoked strong reactions from the opposition parties .
“I apologise if anyone felt bad, but I was only talking in the context of ideologies”, the BJP chief later said during a press conference.

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