Amit Shah’s Party Meeting Inside Goa Airport is Abuse of power : Congress


Panaji: First time ever in Indian history, a political public gathering was held in the high security precincts of an airport when the Goa BJP organised a welcome reception for party president Amit Shah on Saturday morning.

According to The Wire,  Shah arrived at Dabolim Airport on Saturday morning, to welcome him in a grand style BJP supporter from Goa rolled out the red carpet for him, where Shah was allowed to address a meeting of party workers inside the airport. The civilian airport functions within the naval air base.

This was not all sudden planned even for Shah addressing the party workers, A carpeted podium, a dozen chairs for the ‘dignitaries’ and a sound system with a lectern were all set up at the entrance to the Dabolim airport terminal before Shah’s 11.15 a.m. arrival even as security looked the other way. No such meeting had been announced on the schedule of Shah’s visit provided to journalists.


After Shah addresses party worker at AirPort, Congress said Shah’s public meeting within the Goa airport premises was unprecedented in the country. “This is a complete abuse of power. The airport authority officials who allowed this meeting should be booked,” Congress spokesman Girish Chodankar said.



A day after this party meeting at Goa’s Dabolim International Airport premises, a local lawyer has filed a complaint alleging misuse of an airport controlled by the Indian Navy for political purposes.


In the complaint to Secretary of Civil Aviation and Goa Chief Secretary and Director General of Police, lawyer-activist Aires Rodrigues has alleged that holding a party meeting, which was attended by over 2,000 people, was a violation of Section 141 (Unlawful assembly) of the Indian Penal Code and put passengers at the airport to inconvenience.

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“People who were arriving or departing from the airport were restrained by the blockage due to the public meeting, as also the airport being considered a security installation, no public meeting could have been held and that it also amounted to a violation of the other enactments covering vital installations like airports,” the complaint reads.

While BJP spokespersons were unwilling to comment on the issue, a party leader said the meeting, which was held on Saturday morning to welcome Shah, was organised “after getting all due official clearances”. Shah is currently on a two-day visit to Goa.

Source : HT



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