Amroha : Muslim Family Booked After Reports Of Barring Them from Mosque by RSS-BKS Leader


Muslims in Amroha village were barred from praying at a mosque by local authorities. They were later booked by Police, but no arrest reported so far.

Decision of preventing Muslims to pray was taken after the leader of an RSS-affiliated farmers’ organization warned the local authorities & muslims and threaten them of violence if they resume the prayer.

Santosh Mishra, SP, says that mosque was not existed in land records till 2016 and over the time people start gathering and later started preying there.

“Outsiders started religious studies Over time, it became a mosque and people started gathering there for prayers to which those of the majority community has objected,” he said.

Then a panchayat was called on Thursday and announced that prayer should not be held at the mosque. RSS-affiliated farmers’ group Bharatiya Kisan Sangh’s (BKS) leaders Sukram Pal Rana and Madan Pal had arrived on the same day and warned the district administration that if the Muslims were allowed to offer prayer. Then mahapanchayat will be called in to “declare war” on the Muslims as briefed by the officials.

“Rana also threatened that the majority community would demolish the mosque, whoever it is police or the minority community tried to stop the mob, they would be cut into pieces. The speeches and slogans of Rana were spread on social media in villages around here and the law and order situation deteriorated over the last two days,” said SHO of Saidnagli police station Rakesh Kumar Singh.

Local police have registered an FIR under various IPC sections related to attempt to murder, assault or criminal force to deter a public servant from discharging their duty and promoting enmity between communities against Rana, Madan Pal and 17 village residents, including 12 unidentified persons.


Mass Exodus from the village :

Rahmat Ali, resident including whole community have decided to emigrate from the village. As we have been warned of bloodshed if we step into the mosque he said.

Ironically another FIR were registered, after two days, against the Muslims :

On 29th May, two days after the incident reported, another FIR was registered against the five persons for allegedly promoting enmity between religious communities through their “false” statements about harassment at Sakatpur village. These FIR was registered against the Muslims who were denied to offer prayer. No one has been arrested so far reported by IndianExpress

Source : IT

Photo Credit : Patrika



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