Arnab Losing Temper when Asked his lean towards BJP Raises More Questions than Answer


Arnab Goswami’s Republic TV went live on the 6th of May 2017, but much before it was launched, the channel was already engulfed in a controversy, as the biggest investor and a director of this news channel was Rajeev Chandrasekar, a member of Rajya Sabha and the vice-chairman of Bharatiya Janta Party-led NDA.

Republic TV apparently is funded by a politician from the ruling coalition. If someone had to call a spade a spade, then the one would have to assert that the Republic TV is funded by BJP or at least accept that the channel would be biased and it would favour the ruling party.


With the experience Arnab holds in the field of journalism, he must have been aware right from the inception of the idea of Republic TV that people would question its intentions, but instead of this, whenever he is questioned over the funding of his channel, he loses his cool.

When Ghanshyam Tiwari accused him of being on BJP’s payroll, he screamed, slammed his palms on the desk, threatened him not to cross the line and then told him to win an election first. His language resembled the one used in street fights, sans the curses only.

In a live debate on national herald case when Brajesh Kalappa labelled Republic TV as a BJP channel, he screamed “Mr Kalappa just shut up now and listen to me’. He further questioned his mental ability, called him a novice in politics, labelled him a coward, a psychopath, a worm and a lapdog and then he advised him to consult the nearest psychiatrist. There is something to notice, Arnab went on asking him to go a meet a Dcotor you have lost your mental balance even after the Mr Kalappa has disconnected the call.

Every single time he is accused of running his channel with BJP money he loses his cool. He gets angry, displays an emotional imbalance and ends up acting more like a troll than like a journalist. He does all of this as he is well aware that he doesn’t have a convincing answer to this question, except for the 31% of the electoral minority. So, instead of answering this question, he chooses to avoid it. In retaliation, he exhibits a sense of madness and tries to assert that he is the righteous one by showing his viewers how much he gets hurt by such allegations.

If I am wrong in my assumptions, then maybe Arnab should come forward with a convincing answer because nation wants to know ” Why Arnab Goswami gets mad when someone accuses him of running his channel with BJP money?”, or else the 69% of the electoral majority would be left to believe that an exasperating farrago of distortions, misrepresentations and outright lies are being broadcast by an unprincipled showman masquerading as a journalist, as tweeted by Shashi Tharoor earlier.



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