Arnab Goswami sent 5 reporters to AICC HQ, we ask ‘What R. You Doing?’

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Republic reporters protested outside Congress office after they were asked to leave Shashi Tharoor’s presser. As soon as Arnab’s reporters were asked to leave, six or seven reporters along with 3 cameramen gathered outside Congress office as if they were already prepared for it. Some carried placards with them similar to Arnab’s in newsroom.

Republic TV

Congress President Sonia Gandhi has appointed a new All India Congress Committee (AICC) team to look after the party work in Telangana. Senior Congress leader Digvijay Singh has been relieved of the responsibilities as the General Secretary AIIC in charge of Telangana. Mrs Gandhi has also accorded her approval to change the name of the fishermen department to All India Fishermen Congress, Dwivedi said.


In new team, R.C. Kuntia is appointed as AICC in charge of Telangana and Satish Jarkiholi as AICC Secretary.

Why is it that a particular news channel has problems ‘Super Exclusively’ with Regional and Opposition parties? Whereas the primary role of any media organisation is to question the ruling Government, and not just the Opposition.

Agenda journalism is gradually becoming mainstream. The worst part is that poor reporters are being used as foot soldiers at the battlefront who may be sacrificed as per convenience.

What’s amusing is that there were 5 reporters from Republic TV to cover AICC press conference of Congress where Shashi Tharoor was present, earlier similar numbers of reporters were sent at Shashi Tharoor’s residential when drama unfolded about assaulting Republic journalist.

Republic Reporters protesting in front of Congress HQ, New Delhi.

Courtesy : Republic TV
Courtesy : Republic TV


Courtesy: Republic TV
Courtesy: Republic TV

We just hope Arnab Goswami change his strategy of holding everyone (except ruling government) responsible for every wrong thing happening in the country.



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