Bad news for BJP : SP and Congress might join hands for upcoming election in UP


KANPUR: The Samajwadi party aims to contest the assembly elections with help of other lesser popular political parties. It is becoming clear with its possible alliance of at least two parties like the Congress and the RLD quite known to everyone. The seat sharing storm is supposed to be resolved soon. The SP veteran Mulayam Singh has categorically indicated that he could not wait for longer. As many as sixty constituencies are offered to the Congress while twenty seats have been proposed to the RLD. Experts are of the view that the Congress will not agree while another party will try to compromise with the figure.

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Although Netaji Mulayam Singh Yadav is too experienced to deal with any obstacle coming in the way of the party’s better prospects in the ensuing assembly polls. His political skills are sufficiently sufficient to deal with every controversial mess. Notwithstanding his heir’s target remains the only goal of securing victory for another term. Will he prove to be Arjun in gaining his target is yet to be achieved?

The way veteran leader Mulayam Singh Yadav waded through the burning river with all the success is worth emulating for his son Akhilesh Yadav. Netaji’s timely steps to bring unity among the disgruntled leaders were precisely done. He brought them under one socialistic string once again. The time appears not too far from his another initiative to carry the party to dizzy heights. He possessed the deft insightful political abilities of fighting and winning the elections. It was with this objective in mind not-so-naive leader Akhilesh Yadav was continuously emphasising upon disproving disarray among the family members.

Netaji’s political ideas are acceptable to him in every way. Whatever comes from the Big Boss are easily accepted to him. The alliance with the Congress Party and the Rashtriya Lok Dal is quite actively undertaking the course. What has irked the Samajwadi Party is the Congress Party’s demand of 125 seats. This is not acceptable to SP leaders now yet they are bent upon leaving the Congress as many as 60 seats where this party either emerged victoriously or remained on the second position in the last assembly polls. As regards alliance with the RLD, this alliance was possibly going to materialise sooner.
Opposition parties term the possibility of the alliance as the compulsion of the Samajwadi Party for they have lost their confidence among the people. On the contrary, Akhilesh Yadav envisages it as a recovery of 300 seats in the assembly. Mayawati described the Samajwadi Party as the Babuwa Broadcasting Company. She has been exhorting the Muslims to not to waste their precious votes in favour of the Samajwadi party.

Aiming to gain victory in 2017 Akhilesh Yadav is desperately moving ahead with his projects and schemes. He has not left the youths by his fresh design. His detractors did not fail to remind him of his deficiencies but he seemed little detracted by their criticism. He was rather attached to his rational moves. By dint of experience and devotion, the seniors are moving ahead. They are very well aware of organisational unity which plays the most vital part in the party-based politics. Now family feud seems to have gone into oblivion and all efforts are thrust upon ticket distribution.
No wrangling is seen over who joins, accommodates or leaves the party. What Mulayam decides becomes an ultimate move in an affirmative way. Rancour over bringing Amar Singh, Ansari Brothers and several others into the party’s fold is dwindling fast. Even Akhilesh’s lucid indication points to his placidness. He is now all the more kept on saying that final decision rests with Netaji who realises everything best for the party.


What the SP supporters look for is bothering the BJP that perceives no damage due to agonies caused to people due to demonetization. The BJP finds the Bahujan Samaj Party as its strong contender while the BSP wanted to make benefits from currency ban decision. Mayawati knows aptly well that her Dalit voters are not moving away but her endeavours in bringing back the Bania voters appear shaky to some extent, as people discussed.
All the parties’ loyal strategists are a little busier in modifying their poll plans and they are obviously not holding any snappy misconception of the people’s choice in coming state assembly elections.


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