Bhopal : Rashtriya Hindu Sena Chief Brutally Murdered A Youth Who Was About to Get Married


Bhopal : MP Nagar residents woke up to a horrific Sunday with around 35 vehicles parked in front of Pragati Petrol Pump being totally damaged, with the front and rare windshields of every vehicle smashed to smithereens.

The main accused, Shiva Patil, has a long criminal record. Local police officials told media persons that he has over half-a-dozen criminal cases against him. Patil was allegedly involved in extortion from transporters, and has political influence.

The assaulter were at work late on Saturday night, MP Nagar police said. According to reports, four assailants Shiva Patil, 23, who is District Chief of Rashtriya Hindu Sena, (a Hindutva Hardliner organisation), Bharat Soni, 26, Rocky, 25, Chotu 21 went back to their homes at Shanti Nagar in MP Nagar area.  It was here that one of the vehicle owners , Abdul Salman Khan, 26, a resident of the same area questioned them why they resorted to such vandalism.


As per police reports, the accused had used axes to assault Salman. They accused Salman for denting their SUV car which he denied, but Shiva who was heavily drunk started beating Salman with sticks. Salman’s brother Sohail tried to save him but instead got severely injured, when Shiva was about to hit Sohail, injured Salman covered himself to save his brother.

According to CSP Bhopal Hitesh Choudhary the accused Shiva Patil who owns a Toyota Innova car suspected that the victim had scratched and written some filthy words on his car. “On Saturday evening the accused got his car painted and late in the night came back home and called for the victim. He first smashed his head and then attacked him with a sharp edged weapon,” said Hitesh Choudhary

Both the accused and the victim are neighbours and live in the Shanti Nagar slum cluster in the MP Nagar area of Bhopal.

According to eyewitnesses both the accused were drunk and first attacked Salman. After that they also attacked his brother Sohail when he tried to intervene. Sohail suffered head injuries and was admitted to the Narmada hospital along with his brother. While Salman was declared dead late Sunday evening, Sohail was discharged from hospital early Monday morning.

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Tension gripped the Shanti Nagar area on Monday as angry residents demanded immediate arrest of all the accused.

The main accused claimed to be the district president of Rashtriya Hindu Sena and is allegedly connected with top leaders of the ruling party in Bhopal.

Police tried to play down his association with the Sena and removed the sticker of Rashtriya Hindu Sena from the car used in the crime.


The victim’s father Abdul Saeed said that Shivaji Patil, Bharat Soni, Chhotu and others brutally beat Salman and later dragged him for over 200 metres, before smashing his head against a water tanker”.

“Then they ran him over with the vehicle”, he said. “They kept on thrashing him, crushed him and there was no one to save him. I felt so helpless”, Saeed said.


Murderer with Political Influence and Long Crime History

The main accused, Patil, has a long criminal record. Local police officials told media persons that he has over half-a-dozen criminal cases against him. Patil was allegedly involved in extortion from transporters. After the incident, the goons had threatened local residents and warned them against informing police about their identities. The police reached the spot much later. Apart from Shiva, one of his accomplices Rocky has also been caught.

Salman Was about To Get Married

When the policemen reached the locality later, they faced local residents’ ire. People were upset that the goons killed a youth and managed to escape. The victim, Salman’s marriage was scheduled this month. The engagement ceremony was held recently. On May 21st, the wedding was scheduled.

The police said that the assailants have been booked for murder and vandalism. Patil has been involved in crimes in the past too. He is district chief of Rashtriya Hindu Sena. He has been arrested.

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