Bhubaneshwar : Gau Rakhshaks Brutally Thrashed Milch Cow Traders, Halts Train For Hours


Self-Appointed Gao Rakshak is a growing trend now a days, in a group of more than 20 people, supposed to be from Bajarang Dal, raided the parcel van of the Kochuveli-Guwahati Express in Bhubaneswar railway station alleging cattle smuggling.

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Mob have attacked the loco pilot train and his assistant along with two persons who were legally transporting 20 milch cows.

“Without asking anything, the youths started beating me black and blue. They even manhandled a passenger and two railway staff before unloading all the 20 cows from the train,” Umesh Singh , one of the caretakers said.


Further, sources revealed that Cows were legally transported on government orders, by a private agro farm, from Salem (Tamil Nadu) to Ampati(Meghalaya).


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Later, the Meghalaya government also confirmed that the cows were legally allowed to being transported.

“Our chief minister has launched a dairy mission to help farmers with milch cows. We have selected three companies through an e-tender process. Vertex Agro Private Limited is a big firm among them. It was sending us with the 20 cows from Salem,” Dr B Rijal, director, Directorate of Animal Husbandry and Veterinary of Meghalaya said.

Railway SP Sanjay Kaushal said members of the group have came up and start beating the caretakers alongwith station master. As police shown up, accused had already left the station. Dairy firm has all the requisite papers for transporting the cows. Till last reports last came in, the cows were at the railway station as reported by IndianExpress

Source : IndianTimes



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