Bihar: Muslims house almost afire by mob instigated by Bajrang Dal activists over beef rumours


Mob instigated by Bajrang Dal and BJP workers almost set the Muslim family house on fire if police had not intervened on time.

Bihar: A mob led by cow vigilantes on Sunday morning surrounded the house of a Muslim family in Abhgila village about 60km from Patna on suspicion of cow slaughter and wanted to set the house on fire.


Communal tension griped a village in Bihar’s Bhojpur district on Sunday over the rumours about the killing of a cow , police said. After beef was seized and two people were arrested, a group of cow vigilantes on Sunday morning surrounded the house of a Muslim family.

Police trying to calm the mob who alleged that they found beef.

“Rumours of killing of a cow spread like wildfire and within no time people from adjoining villages surrounded the Muslim family’s house ” an officer of Sahar police station informed IANS.

“Police were informed and a team reached there, and managed to pacify angry villagers with an assurance that strict action will be taken against offenders” he added.

An elected local body representative on condition of anonymity said that if not for the timely arrival of police, the mob instigated by Bajrang Dal activists and Bhartiya Janta Party workers, would have set ablaze the Muslim family’s house. “If police team had arrived half an hour later ,the situation would have been very different because some people were asking to kill those who killed a cow ” he said.

Large number of police deployed to stop any untoward incident as communal tension prevailed after rumours of beef.

The tension between the two communities prevailed in the village and the incident took place on occasion of Muslim festival of Eid -Ul -Adha, involving the sacrifice of animals as part of the rituals.
A month ago, on August 3, for the first time in Bihar, a mob of cow vigilantes in Bhojpur thrashed a truck driver and two others on a mere suspicion of transporting beef. After they were rescued from the mob all the three men were arrested.


Last month, in a similar incident, seven Muslims were arrested in Dumra village in west Cham paran district on the suspicion of killing a calf and consuming its meat. In that case too, a mob of cow vigilantes had surrounded the house and had demanded the arrested people be handed over to them.

When police refused, the mob pelted the police vehicles with stones, according to local media. After chief Minister Nitish kumar dumped allies RJD and Congress in July and formed government in July , cow vigilantes have become suddenly active.

Sources : Financial Express



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