Bihar: Police provide alcohol to wagers who carried Woman’s body on bamboos in an appalling manner


Bihar: In one of the appalling incidents, Police in Bihar allegedly provided liquor to two daily wagers for carrying a semi-decomposed body of a woman on a bamboo pole for post-mortem, the dead body of woman was found at railway tracks and the locals reported it to the police.

According to reports, the two wagers were assigned to pick up the body but they refused as it was semi-decomposed body having foul smell but the police then allegedly gave them alcohol to convince and then they managed to carry the body of woman on a bamboo pole for post-mortem.


The labourers were seen consuming alcohol in a nearby field and when asked how they managed to get alcohol as liquor is banned in Bihar, one of them told, “The police sub-inspector arranged this as it is very difficult to carry the dead body because it is decomposing fast.” and they were escorted by a policeman by their side.

What’s more disgusting is the way dead body was carried to hospital, they tied the body to bamboos and carried on their shoulders. Which exposes the lack of medical unit facilities in Bihar.

The Qadirganj police inspector Ranvijay Kumar declined to comment on the matter and the Deputy Superintendent Vijay Kumar Jha said “he was unaware about the incident but assured strict action if allegations were found true.” Responding to the incident, Zonal IG Naiyar Hasnain Khan has suspended Kumar, sub-inspector Ranvinay Sharma and two chowkidars for dereliction of duty.

From 2016, Bihar’s prohibition law which says about consuming, carrying or storing liquor is illegal and with any violation attracting punishment up to ten years of jail and seizure of the property.

Sources : News18



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