BJP gave tickets to Muzaffarnagar riots accused Sangeet Som and Rana to bring Parivartan in U. P.


Muzaffarnagar  : BJP candidates Suresh Rana & Sangeet Som who were accused for inciting communal riots in Muzaffarnagar (2013) have been given tickets by the BJP for UP elections.

BJP who claims to work towards UP development and end Felony / Crimes in Uttar Pradesh has given ticket to Suresh Rana & Sangeet Som who are accused of riots in Muzaffarnagar, Sangeet Som got ticket from Sardhana and Suresh Rana from Thana Bhawan constituency.


Central Minister JP Nadda announced candidate from UP, Uttarkhand and Punjab on Monday. In which he announced 149 candidate names with maximum candidate of UP first and second term on election. Where as many tickets has been given to candidate who have resigned from Congress / SP / BSP to BJP in UP and Uttrakhand.

But by giving ticket to Suresh Rana & Sangeet Som accused of Muzaffarnagar riots in 2012, BJP has hinted that party stand towards the criminals has not changed. BJP has always blamed Ruling government Samajwadi Party for crime and extortion in UP, but they have forgotten this and given many tickets to candidates who has criminal records.


By looking at changed behaviour of BJP towards criminals, it means BJP has started losing its waves in country. This is why they are giving ticket to Defector to earn more seats. 

Last week one video went viral on social media in which Nitin Gadkari was seen confessing that. We give ticket to only those who can win us a seat. no matter whats his background is.

 Watch Video Here :
With PTI inputs


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