BJP in Trouble : BJP Leader Yeddyurappa And MP Ananth Kumar Plotting Against CM Caught On Tape



Yeddyurappa (Left) , Ananth Kumar (Center) in a file photo.

Bengaluru : In a major blow to Karnataka BJP President B S Yedyurappa and M P Ananth Kumar, Congress on Monday released an explosive audio-video clip against the duo plotting against CM Siddaramaiah.


In this leaked video recorded by local media channels, in the context of BSY’s allegations regarding Siddaramaiah having given Rs 1000 crores to Congress ‘High Command’, Ananth Kumar is heard telling BSY, “You have also paid money when in power, I have also paid money when I was in power (to High Command)”. They further go on to state, “We will accuse him, he will have to clarify. People might not believe he got kickbacks of Rs 1000 Crore but we will accuse him. Till elections they will have to keep clarifying”.

Earlier Karnataka state BJP chief B S Yeddyurappa alledged that Karnataka CM Siddaramaiah paid Rs 1,000 crore to the Congress high command to stay in power, four ministers in the Congress government and three legislators Monday released a CD containing a video clip of a purported conversation between Yeddyurappa and Union Minister H N Ananth Kumar, where the two are discussing how to politically use the issue.

Yeddyurappa had alleged that entries in a diary found during Income Tax searches at properties belonging to an aide of Siddaramaiah had revealed information regarding payments to the tune of Rs 1,000 crore to the Congress high command. Siddaramaiah paid the amount to meet resource needs of the party, the state BJP chief had alleged.

Ananth Kumar is purportedly heard telling Yeddyurappa that the issue can be used politically to stain the Siddaramaiah government because nobody would believe denials by the Chief Minister. “Let them go around issuing denials till the elections, let him suffer’’ Ananth Kumar is purportedly heard saying.

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Karnataka State Congress demands action 

Congress leaders, including ministers Basavaraj Raya Reddy, Sharan Patil, M B Patil and Eshwar Khandre and Ramesh Kumar, demanded that Yeddyurappa present documents on the basis of which he made the allegations. “How does Yeddyurappa have access to diaries seized in income tax raids. Is he a part of the I-T department? What is the document on the basis of which he is making allegations. Please place it in public and if it is valid, the CM will step down,’’ said Health Minister Ramesh Kumar.

The Congress leaders demanded an investigation into payments made by the BJP to its high command when Yeddyurappa was Chief Minister of Karnataka.

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