BJP Leader Who shot his Wife in Meerut,Uttar Pradesh is Now on the Run

Mukesh Gupta/Reuters

Uttar Pradesh : In a shocking incident, BJP leader Kuldeep Tomar has shot his wife and escaped from the crime scene.

News 18 Image

Kuldeep Tomar, leader of Bharatiya Janata Party which claims to bring safety for people of Uttar Pradesh if they win this election, allegedly shot his wife, Poonam, after a heated argument on Friday night, ANI reported. Officials said she succumbed to her injuries at a hospital in Meerut and that Tomar is now on the run.


The BJP leader allegedly tried to shoot himself after the incident, but was disarmed by his nephew, News18 reported. State police have sent her body for a postmortem.

More updates awaited



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