BJP Rakes UP Triple Talaq Issue Behind UP Polls

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KANPUR : In view of the larger number of Muslim voters in Uttar Pradesh, the BJP brings the matter of Triple Talaq just before upcoming assembly voting time. The saffron party chooses this issue only to distance them from the Congress, the SP and the BSP respectively. Otherwise, there was no reason behind raising this under judicial consideration matter before the common public. Why was it taken up at such time in the backdrop of elections? Ask several people.

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The BJP wants to prove it is the most sympathetic political party for the cause of the minorities and disapprove other opposition parties for overlooking their issues with as much gravity as it pleads for time and again. In the case of Triple Talaq, the Bhartiya Janata Party was showing a little more interest for its own vested interests. If Congress accepts that it will not tolerate any injustice against women, the BJP does not lag behind in flaying the oldest party for its double-standards.

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Being a very emotional issue for the Muslims the Tripple Talaq remains associated with their personal law so the hissy fits of the Muslim women are sure to erupt for consolidating their weak social status. They should like to secure all those better avenues which their ilks are supposed to be obtaining in other parts of the living planet.


The practice of Muslim men getting an instant divorce by saying talaq three times gathers condemnation on part of the courts and the civil society in Uttar Pradesh. That’s why vital parties are laying blame on the BJP of playing up this issue to sway the voting trend in the state.

As the New Delhi Television Network reported the Union Law Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad emphasised upon the complete abolition of triple talaq and traditional three months reconciliation period within the ambit of Shariat should also be not allowed. He said, “The ideal situation would be that the triple talaq should go…..if the three-month period is allowed to go, it can go, but will the discrimination continue thereafter?” His response remained that the world over, divorce with mutual consent was the norm.

Although the Law Minister maintained that freedom of religion and faith are respectable yet he believed every harmful practice cannot be part of the religion. As the saffron party insists upon victims’ stories which are also attentively heard by the Supreme Court. The divorced Muslim women have come forward with petitions on Triple Talaq alleging that they were divorced even via social networks like Skype, WhatsApp & Facebook respectively.

The BJP has been taking this issue as its election matter has exhorted the SP, BSP and Congress to make its respective stands clear as it already knows far better that none of these parties would declare what the BJP intends to clarify from them. The BJP leaves no chance in criticising the Congress for its stand on Shah Bano case. But the saffron party fails to catch sentiments of those seers who are vehemently opposing it on the Ram Mandir issue.




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