BJP Workers Tried to Hoist Party flag on Mosque in UP, Threatened to Return with Swords when Failed


Meerut : BJP got a huge majority in Uttar Pardesh in Election, religious extremism which was expected to raise during BJP tenure has already been started.

After Anti-Muslim posters threatening Muslims to leave village immediately in UP village of Bareilly and renaming of  Deoband to Dev Brand this third religious bigotry news is coming from Meerut, recently few BJP volunteers tried to hoist BJP party flag on mosque which sparks tension in locality.

Here in Meerut, tension raised in Bulandshar where a group of men beating Dhols and celebrating BJP victory in UP allegedly tried to install a party flag on the roof of a mosque on Wednesday night. Police and Provincial Armed Constabulary(PAC) men have been deployed in the area and senior officials are monitoring the situation.

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“Fringes Back in Action”

The incident happened at Chachrai village in Bulandshahr. The village has population of 2000 with equal member of Hindus and Muslims.

Mohshin Ahmed, a Villager who was at the scene, told reporter, “It was around 9:30PM when a person of men with tilak on his foreheads passed through the areas. A few of them first stood in front of the Mosque gate and then began installing the flag on the roof of mosque. We objected and this led to an altercation”.

Through timely intervention by cops situation brought into control, there is palpable fear in the village now. “When police arrived, the men left the place but not before warning us that they will come with swords next time. There is peace right now due to the presence of PAC contingent and the police force, but there is a sense of uncertainty prevailing within the Muslim community there,” said Furkan Ali, another resident of the village.

Shyam Vir Singh, SHO of Jehangirabad police station, said they are investigating the matter. BJP has denied its involvement in the episode. District unit chief Hinmashu Mittal said it was the handiwork of the same “anti-social element”.

Source : NBT



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