Bright journalism student gains attention for his sharp questions on TV Debates


Social media the well known newly place is now known for spreading Fake news Rumors in the country and the here is the recent case

Since from couple of weeks there are some selective pictures are being viral over social media regards a Aspiring Journalism Student Khalid Sameer in that pictures Sameer can seen asking questions in various national channels like Aajtak, indiaTv,NDTV, IndiaToday debate shows.

Below post by Dharmendra Kr Jatav is shared over 12000 times on social media, accusing Khalid Sameer a regular guest audience for asking questions.

He is noted for his interesting and sharp questions to the guests ,gets enough airtime and recognition because of this .His SM page is full of pictures with various political leaders and film stars whom he has interacted with in many shows he regularly attends . On asked why he is picked by most channels to question the guests ,Khalid replied that usually the question which is on the point and clear is picked up the channel .

Explaining the procedure he said that the invites are already briefed about the guests who will be attending the show along with the topic that will be discussed based on which the invites prepare some of the questions beforehand .Since his questions are mostly relevant he gets picked up the channel to ask.

He also adds that these sessions are of great help to him ,as a journalism student he gets exposure and chance to interact with guests from varied fields .The interactions open a new range of ideas ,give a more clearer view of various topics and better understanding of the political decisions .

Rubbishing claims that he is favoured because of his anti government views Khalid clarified that he is very clear about his questions ,he does through research on the topic hence comes out with sharp questions that attract the attention of the channels and viewers .He also garners the attention of the guests because of his style of interaction with them and most of them remember him even after the show is over.

In a recent interview of Khalid Sameer with YouTuber Political Guruji and Social media activist Vikas rattan Goyal he cleared all the doubts, what he’s pursuing and how he go to TV debates, why his question always get selected and the questions he ask is scripted or self created.

Speaking to Political Guruji : 

Speaking to Vikas Rattan Goyal : 



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