Buy Bangles for PM Modi : Former Athlete Slams Smriti Irani With a Rs 1000 Cheque


Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Government is under heavy criticism by opposition and as well as on social media following the brutal killings of 25 CRPF soldiers in Chhattisgarh.

A day before, PM Modi was trolled on Twitter for his tweet of condolences on the death of Bollywood actor and the BJP MP, Vinod Khanna. Many Twitter users found it disrespect towards the killings of three Indian soldiers in Kashmir, being forgotten by PM Modi after expressing his sorrow on Khanna’s death.

Indian soldiers causalities has been increased during the Modi government and this has prompted many to dig out the BJP leaders’ old speeches targeting the former Congress-led UPA government under similar situation.


This time Smriti Irani is under criticism for her 2013 comments, A former athlete from Lucknow has taken a dig at the Union Textiles Minister, Smriti Irani, to remind her a speech that she had made in 2013 in which she wished to send bangles to the then Prime Minister Manmohan Singh.

Here is post by Former athlete, Ajeet Verma. He has ‘sent’ a cheque of Rs 1,000 asking Irani to buy bangles with that money for PM Modi.


Irani’s speech in 2013 (watch below)  is also going viral in response to similar killings of the CRPF soldiers. In this viral video Irani is seen saying, “I feel like sending bangles to the Centre’s Congress government. I want to ask them to wear these bangles. That’s because when 10 boys from Pakistan come and attack our territory, then not only the Congress is a mute spectator but the party was also pleading before Pakistan.


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