Check out, This is how BJP formed Government With Just 20% Voters : Your Vote Matters

Delhi : This short analysis will explain you how your one vote matters.
We only understand that if a party wins with majority they make Govt in centre / states but we don’t bother to understand that how much vote did that party really received to form Govt of a huge nation.
I am trying to make you understand story in very simple statistics. You will come to know the real irony of India after reading this article.

Lets understand statistics of political vote share vs Total voters also How does Govt. of India gets formed.

(Statistics based on 2014 election data taken from website of election commission of India )
  • Total population       125 cr (2011)
  • Total Voter in India.    82.8 cr (ECI)
  • Vote turn out in 2014 Lok sabha was 66.4%
  • Total vote turn out 55 cr(approx)

Who got how much share of Votes

  • BJP got 17 cr votes (won 288 seats) which is 31% of total voter turn out 20.4% of total voters and 13.6% of total population of India.
  • INC got 11 cr votes (Won 44 seats) which is 19% of total voter turn out 13% of total voters and 9% of total population of India.
 *Difference is 6 cr voters only in terms of vote but 244 seats in terms of seats.
*only 13% of populations voted for majority party in 2014 and Modi became PM of 100% population.
 Finally, I would urge to everyone, please cast your vote in every election. we can make a better Govt. Only if manage 90%+ people participating.
Your 1 vote is very important. Don’t miss the chance. ??????
 In last, I request people of Punjab, Goa and UP to go cast your vote in upcoming election, Your vote Matters.
*all figures are in approx figures.


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