Choose Muslim Prime Minister to make india Corruption and Crime free : Kiran Yadav


Kiran Yadav, a Facebook sensational, who have become new social sensational on Facebook. She is more popular than Lalu Yadav on Facebook with over 950k followers and loves to speak about social and political issues. Thousands of people follow her every day.


She gets thousand of likes if she just posts “Hello” on her Facebook. She is very vocal and does a critical analysis of the government in most of the updates she posts. She posts in Hindi only and digs in on every subject and in her latest post was about “panama papers leak”, “CAG report on 10 days ammunition”. You can read this post below

When Kiran Yadav went critical on speeches given by PM Modi on foreign trips and urged people to elect Muslim Prime Minister to make “Better India”:

She critically alleged PM Modi about “Dollar Jobs” and urged followers to reach Delhi to take the “Dollar Jobs” otherwise news channel will rob all. Further, she said, the country felt embarrassed regarding the speeches given by PM on his foreign trips and actually weaken the people here. She even presented a solution to make “India” free from Loot, Corruption, Rape, Crime, Poverty by suggesting to elect a Muslim Prime Minister. She narrated how India had enjoyed a healthy, wealthy and better India under Muslim rule. She recalled how “India” was better known as “Golden Bird”. She, further added, how hatred is being spread among communities and ask people to wake up to new thought.


Kiran Yadav on “Mob Lynching” by Gau Raksak:

She flaunted about mob lynching by gay rakshak. How politics is being played in the name of cow protection and how bajrang dal and related organisation is minting fear among the public. How faith (in a day time) takes U-Turn (during the night) when taking money to transit the same cow to which they stand to protect and kill people. She further said, why media and government are silent on “Job loss”, “Tomatoes”,”ISI links with BJP leader”.

Kiran Yadav’s view on BJP came to power in 2014:

She went critical on BJP elected to power in 2014. She said, how Hindustan’s fate broke out on the day the BJP came to power in India, and relate train accident in Gorakhpur, people died on demonetisation’s queues, mob lynching, communal violence and how our soldiers are being martyred on borders. How Kashmir is burning along and China is showing red eye. She urged followers to wake up.


What Kiran Yadav takes on Mayawati’s resignation:

She posted grief about the Mayawati’s resignation and how she was not allowed to take the Dalit’s issue in Parliament.

Kiran Yadav’s views on Nitish’s JDU open support to NDA Presidential candidate:

She goes critical on JDU’s support to NDA’s Presidential candidate and people of Bihar would not forgive Nitish.

Kiran Yadav’s was so vocal about corruption charges on BJP leaders:

She posted to bring the corruption of BJP leaders to wake people from deep sleep. She spoke about VYAPAM, PDS Transport etc scams.

Source & Photo Credit: EK



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