CM Fadnavis uses Rs 24 crores from Emergency funds for Shivaji memorial Bhoomipujan


Mumbai : According to a news published in Mumbai daily, CM Devendra Fadnavis has used 24 Cr from accidental fund.


Maharashtra Govt has spent 24 crore rupees just for Shivaji Statue Bhumipujan (Laying foundation). The same state where Nana Patekar donated his hard earned money to families of farmers who killed themselves. The state which saw highest number of farmers suicides. The state which saw 17,000 deaths due to malnutrition in last one year. Report 


CM Fadnavis has used 24 Cr from Emergency(contingent ) fund for Shivaji Memorial Bhoomi poojan, the fund is actually meant for using during any natural disaster in state like tsunami or earth quick. Maharashtra government has proposed Shivaji Memorial in first winter session of parliament and they also said it will cost around 3600 Cr, then question raised when Govt has fund of 3600 Cr for memorial then why they used 24 Cr from emergency fund. According to expert they suggest pulling out money from Emergency fund means government has not planned this event and it might have planned over night.

Experts also said, if government was planned for this Memorial or its Bhoomipujan in advance, then they could have withdrawn this money from Public Works Department, Maritime Board, Municipal department or any other related departments but not from Emergency Fund. This clearly says the Bhoomipoojan was not planed in advance.


According to experts, government would have arranged this fund in Winter Parliamentary seasons but they didn’t, so at this condition they didn’t had any other option left than using money from Emergency Fund. Government should have proposed this fund in parliament and got it approved but they didn’t do so, and used money from Emergency fund which is not illegitimate and irresponsibility.

But do you think it is justifying to spent 24 Cr on just on Bhoomipoojan events, when farmers are dying?


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