Colleges in Gujarat Run with No Teacher, No Libraries, No Labs, No Blackboards, No Toilets and No Building


Ahmedabad : Modi always projected Gujarat Model to India, It is peculiar to find that such an unacceptable situation persists in the temples of learning of a very developed state of Gujarat. The Republic Day tableaux depicting country’s progress in various fields becomes futile before the stark reality of these learning centres. No doubt our schools and colleges still lack basic facilities even after multi-facet developments in the country. All the good images of progress appear futile when we find such a deplorable conditions of our educational institutions.

Ahmedabad Mirror

The peculiarity is that the government schools and colleges are devoid of arrangements which are required for running the colleges. The story is quite long to narrate and it hurts the country’s conscience and upsets the mind.

Our leaders are so callous towards the standard prescribed for the smooth functioning of such pure instructive institutes. We find a unique picture of educational institutions where colleges are running on premises of the local schools. Though it becomes clear from the words of the Gujarat education minister, Bhupendrasingh Chudasama that he was very much aware of all these problems. He also pointed out that land allotments for the colleges had started.

The Gujarat government declared to set up colleges in all the Talukas and even a provision was made in the 2016 state budget to this effect. As many as 24 colleges were opened. However, most of these institutions function from a couple of rooms available in the local schools. The college students wait for the school to get over in order to secure space. Is it not a mockery of the government’s cry of education for all?


Problems being faced by the students of Govt. Arts & Commerce College in Gambhoj, Himmatnagar are so many to count. It has no library, clerk or peon. Only one in-charge principal, three faculty members on contract and three visiting teachers teach as many as 134 Arts Faculty students and seven students of the Commerce Faculty. Likewise, the Govt Science College in Chhotaudepur functions out of a classroom that Don Bosco School offered them as a lecture hall. In-charge principal teaches mathematics and only other teacher is a visiting faculty. Existing in the tribal belt teachers avoid coming to this college. No laboratories are there. These are a few instances and the list long enough.

The Govt Science College, Limkheda, lacks permanent or visiting faculty to impart education to students enrolled here. The college runs from a small room in Adarsh Nivasi Kanya Shala School. The Govt Arts and Commerce College in Babra Amreli run from Sarkari Kamsi High School. The teaching sits on benches arranged for students to do their work. At Govt Arts & Commerce College in Lakhpat, Kutch also does not possess furniture for teaching faculty. Even blackboards were not provided as the authorities are overheard saying Arts students do not require blackboards. It also runs on premises of the Modern school. In the same way, Govt Arts &Science College, Bavla operates from Atmaram Keshavla Vidyamandir In such an advanced time of computers and various other electronic gadgets if our schools and colleges remain deprived of essential requirements the onus absolutely goes on the policy makers.

Our political leaders only talk of dreams because what we find on the ground is just the opposite of their rhetoric and claims. There is a paucity of teachers, blackboards, laboratories, libraries, buildings and what not. The students are compelled to sit in the open ground and bear the cold blows.


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