‘Confused Patriots’ Started Giving Bad Reviews On Snapdeal App After Snapchat CEO’s Alleged ‘Poor India’ Remark

Evan Spiegel co-founded image messaging application Snapchat.

New Delhi : A former Snapchat employee has alleged that the social media company’s chief executive officer Evan Spiegel was disinterested to expand the business to “poor countries” like India. American news website Variety quoted the ex-employee, Anthony Pompliano, as saying that Spiegel told him that the popular app is “only for rich people“, which has led to severe backlash in India.


Many enraged Indian users got confused Snapdeal with Snapchat, they started giving 1 star review as protest on Google Play Snapdeal’s App.

Screen Shot from Snapdeal Review section on Google Play

Many noticed the confusion

and more…

Snapdeal recieved backlash earlier after Aamir Khan’s ‘intolerance’ statement, it’s believed a political IT Cell was behind massing troll’s army against Snapdeal which had Aamir Khan as Brand Ambassador, later Aamir Khan did’nt extended his endorsement with Snapdeal.

Snapchat denies any remarks by CEO against India alledged by former employee

However Snapchat has rubbished the allegations, according to various reports.
The simple fact is that he (Mr Pompliano) knows nothing about Snap’s current metric,” the company’s attorneys reacted, according to Variety.

Headquartered in Los Angeles, California, Snapchat is a popular image messaging mobile application with over 500 million downloads through Google’s Play Store. It was created in 2011 by Stanford University students Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy and Reggie Brown.

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