‘Cow is Mummy in UP and Yummy in North East for BJP’ : Asaduddin Owaisi


Recently Nagaland BJP chief had issued a statement saying the party would not impose ban like Uttar Pradesh model in Nagaland if it comes to power.

AIMIM Party president Asaduddin Owaisi has slammed the Bharatiya Janata Party for its ‘hypocrisy’ on beef and ban on cow slaughter.

Last week, Nagaland BJP chief Visasolie Lhoungu told the Hindustan Times, “Ban on cow slaughter like UP won’t take effect in Nagaland if our party comes to power next year. The reality here is very different and our central leaders are aware of that.”


Last month several slaughterhouses believed to be ‘illegal’ across Uttar Pradesh were shut down after Yogi Adityanath took oath as UP CM, Yogi government’s drive to strictly enforce Uttar Pradesh’s ban on cow slaughter and at the same time Nagaland BJP chief issued statement of not banning beef if comes to power. Reacting to this Owaisi said the BJP’s hypocrisy is that in Uttar Pradesh cow is revered as a mother but in the Northeast it is the animal’s meat is part of the normal diet.



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