Dalit woman lynched in Agra, Muslim man mercilessly thrashed in Rajasthan on ‘braid cutting’ rumors


Mukim was stopped by his vehicle, dragged, tied, beaten and urinated upon, while Maan Devi was mercilessly thrashed while she was pleading her innocence, both incidents on just rumours of ‘braid cutting and black magic’. 

Bharatpur, Rajasthan: In yet another mob justice on rumours which was limited to beef in India has now crossed to black magic, women’s braids being cut off by alleged witchcraft-black magicians  have spread across Haryana, western Uttar Pradesh and parts of Rajasthan with mobs now attacking on a young Muslim man from Sikri, Bharatpur in Rajasthan. While earlier taking the life of at least one person—an old Dalit woman in Dauki, Agra who was lynched at similar rumours on 1st August.

Screen shot from video

According to The Citizen, a young Muslim man who has been identified as Hafiz Mukim was tied with ropes and beaten by a mob in Bharatpur, Rajasthan. He was hospitalised in critical yet out of danger condition.


Mukim’s family members claims that they were taking a sick relative to Alwar hospital. He was riding a motorcycle, following the vehicle with the others. At Sikri a mob suddenly stopped him, with some men saying that he was one of those responsible for cutting the braids of the women. He was attacked immediately, tied with ropes as the video shows, and beaten unconscious.They urinated on him while hitting him.

Dalit woman lynched in Agra

Maan Devi, 62 years, had went to relieve herself at early morning at 4 AM, when she lost her way and was beaten mercilessly by a mob accusing her as ‘witch’. She pleaded with them to let her go, her family and other persons rushed to rescue her, but she died on her way to hospital.

My mother had gone out to the field but forgot her way home and entered a Baghel-dominated area, where she was killed,” said Manoj Jatav, son of Maan Devi.

“They said she had come to chop off the braids of women. She died on her way to hospital,” Jatav added. Later, two more incidents of alleged braid chopping were reported from Agra’s Achnera and Mathura’s Mannt.

She had reportedly entered Baghaels Mutnai village under Dauki police station, 25 km from the city, where she was surrounded by men from Baghael community, who accused her of coming to cut the hair young girls. The inhuman mob did not listened to her pleads and brutally thrashed her which caused her death.

Additional Director General of Police Anand Kumar is quoted by the agencies as saying the incident is highly unfortunate and that there is no such gang of witches or others who cut off braids. He added that all the nearby magistrates and Senior Superintendents have been alerted with respect to the recent situation.

Kumar said, “These rumours started in and around Rajasthan and Haryana. We are trying to make sure that these rumours don’t spread.”


There has been barely any word about the attack on Mukim even after the video went viral, Rajasthan Police was not available when we made numerous calls, even local reporters at Jaipur had not even heard a whisper, 24 hours after the incident, with the police silent and the state government disinterested. It was left to civil rights activists to trace the injured man, get the details, and offer help to the traumatised family.

Watch the video below

Source : The Citizen The Times of India



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