Day 14 : Demonetisation took 68th life, a 4yrs girl died while his father was in banks queue

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Allahabad, U.P. : An ailing four-year-old girl died on a bank’s premises while waiting for her father who standing in a queue to withdraw money from a bank in Tindwari for her treatment.

Dharmendra Verma, a labourer, had been visiting Allahabad UP Gramin Bank in Tindwari for the few days to withdraw money for the treatment of his daughter who was suffering from fever.

On Monday , he had brought his daughter to the bank and was standing in a queue for withdrawing money to take her to hospital when she died, Circle Officer Sadar Ajay Kumar said.

The matter is being looked into, the CO added.

Meanwhile, the death has led to a protest demonstration by the locals, who placed the body on the Banda-Fatehpur road and disrupted vehicular traffic.


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