Demonetisation : Teen committed suicide after helpless mother failed to withdraw money for new shoes

Sitara (mother of deceased Dilshad 18yrO) failed to withdraw her Rs 2,000 cheque after visiting bank for 2 weeks in row due to lack of cash supply in bank.


  • 18 Yrs old Dilshad committed suicide by hanging himself after mother failed to buy new shoes
  • Sitara (mother) couldn’t buy him new shoes due to lack of money
  • She failed to withdraw her Rs 2,000 cheque after visiting bank for 2 weeks
  • The family was going through severe financial crisis due to lack of work availability after demonetisation
  • Villagers holds Prime Minister Narendra Modi responsible for this death.

Bhagpat / Uttar Pradesh : Over 37 days has passed since Prime minister Narendra Modi declared demonetisation of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes on 8th November and assured the struggling will ease with every passing day but instead it has turned out to be opposite now, Indians specially in rural areas are massively affected by the note ban. Besides cash-crunch , informal sector loss and economical losses, demonetisation has taken many lives too, around 200 reported deaths related to demonetisation in last 37 days.


In a unfortunate incident, a 18 years old boy Dilshad from Chandinagar, Bhagpat District of Uttar Pradesh committed suicide by hanging himself. He took this step after his mother failed to buy new shoes which he asked few days ago.

According to sources Dilshad used to work as a mechanic, on Sunday afternoon he approached his mother and asked for new shoes, his mother refused to buy him new shoes as she had no money. After hearing that Dilshad went to his room and locked it from inside, few minutes later Sitara heard loud cries of his son, she was shocked to find his son was hanging and struggling to survive.

She cried for help and neighbours gathered immediately but failed to save Dilshad, they took him to near by hospital where doctors declared him brought dead.


Family was struggling for each penny

While talking to reporters, distraughted Sitara said she was going through massive financial crisis after note-ban, she couldn’t even withdraw her Rs 2,000 cheque of last month after visiting bank everyday since last 2 weeks. The bank would either have very long unending queues or run out of cash supply. Her husband works as a construction worker in Ghaziabad and send monthly allowances for the family who lives in Ratul Village of Chandinagar in Bhagpat.

She has 8 children and Dilshad was lone son, he was eldest brother of 7 sisters. Since his death, Sitara crying inconsolably and so others in neighbourhood.

Angry villagers holds PM Modi responsible

The angry villagers in Chandinagar said PM Modi is responsible for the death, whole district is going through cash-crunch since demonstrates, there is no work, all man power being wasted in bank queues where there is no cash supply. Samajwadi Party leader Dr Kuldeep Ujjwal met the family and assured for compensation.


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