Do watch Trevor Noah’s hilarious take on India’s unpopular demonetisation and National Anthem



Comedy Central’s The Daily Show host Trevor Noah hilariously took on the ongoing issue of demonetisation in India. He said the discontinuation of Rs 500 and Rs 1,000 notes make it so unworthy that for the first time in history the strippers will be giving back 500 notes to the customers. *you take it! *

He then talked about the Supreme Court’s latest verdict on playing National Anthem in theater before the screening of movie. He pointed out what if there’s an adult movie screening and you have to stand up for the national anthem? Will be awkward if you having a bon*r!


Also what will be next verdict? Where will they implement next?

“I just want to know how far this national anthem thing goes in India, you know, first they make you hear before every movie, then it will be before you check out the grocery store, and then just before the performance of the national anthem there is gonna be another national anthem or you will be calling emergency services for assistance and you will be like ‘oh my house is on fire!‘ and the guy will be like ‘I can dispatch fire unit shortly but first Jana Gana Mana adhi nayaka jaya hai..’

Watch the video below!


  1. who told u it is the best, Indians hav e a habit of calling everything the best in the world, like IGI BEST AIRPORT IN THE WORLD, BUT WHEN U CHECK IT ON INTERNET IT IS NOT EVEN INCLUDED IN THE BEST 100 AIRPORTS OF THE WORLD.


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