‘Do you have courage Abhisar Sharma?’ Hindi news anchor slams ‘Pseudo Nationalists’ in unique way


ABP News channel anchor Abhisar Sharma posted a live video in which he slammed so-called nationalist channels and ruling government. The video instantly went viral which received appreciation, he chose a unique way to express his anguish, he questioned himself.

This comes after 60 children reportedly lost their lives in over five days at Gorakhpur hospital run by the Yogi Adityanath government in Uttar Pradesh. But few news channels came under attack as they did not gave it any importance, whilst they were carrying debates on Vande Mataram.


This probably made Sharma depressed after which he wrote a blog about  questions he wants to ask, without taking a name in his live video he said “Jo Anchor aisi baat kar rahe hai ki, hum Vande Matram ki charcha kar rahe hai aur aap Gorakhpur ke 60 mare bacchon ki baat kar rahe hai? Woh napunsak hai” ( Those anchors who are saying ‘We are debating Vande Matram and you are bringing Gorakhpur Tragedy to divert our attention from real issue’  are impotent.)

During a Live Debate on Vande-matram topic Samajwadi spokesman  Gopinath asked Times Now anchor why she is not debating on Gorakhpur Tragedy where several kids lost their lives.

Times Now’s TV anchor Navika Kumar said, “We are debating on Vande Mataram and by raking up issue of child deaths in Gorakhpur, you want to run away from real issues.” Which created outrage by many on social media, many prominent figures slammed her for being insensitive for such a tragic news.

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He also went further targeting such channels, who always target opposition, students of JNU for every issue, instead of questioning the ruling government.


Mr Sharma said, he questioned the UPA government for 10 years on every issue, but never faced vile and disrespectful trolls who now call him ‘presstitute, dalal (pimp)’ and other derogatory slangs for questioning BJP government.

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