Don’t swallow poison handed to you in the name of religion: Kamal Hassan on religious extremism


Kamal Haasan’s ‘Hindu terror ‘ remarks has resulted in a severe backlash from the Right Wing groups and Hindu Mahasabha leader Ashok Sharma saying that Kamal should be shot dead.

BJP lawmaker from Uttar Pradesh Vinay Katiyar has called him “mentally unstable”, a lawyer in Varanasi filed a court complaint against “hurting” religious sentiments.


Tamil superstar with political aspirations had recently written in a piece in a popular Tamil weekly that while earlier right-wing outfits used to argue without indulging in violence, “extremism has spread into their camp as well”.BJP has described Mr Haasan’s remarks as “myopic and brazen” and dared him to share his views on controversial Islamic preacher Zakir Naik.

“If we question, they call us anti-nationals and want to put us in jail. Now since there is no space in jails, they want to shoot us and kill us… but in democracy, everyone has a right to express one’s mind,” Mr Haasan, 62, told a meeting of farmers in Chennai .

Noted South Indian actor Prakash Raj too walked into the controversy in support of Mr Haasan. “If instilling fear in the name of religion… culture… morality is not terrorizing… then what is it. Just asking,” Prakash Raj said in a message posted on Twitter. While the opposition has been careful to make the distinction between Hindu terror and violence from groups linked to the RSS such as the Hindu Mahasabha.”Hinduism never endorses any kind of violence,” Congress leader BK Hariprasad said but added that the Congress was opposed to violence from Sangh Parivar groups such as the Hindu Mahasabha.

BJP spokesperson GVL Narasimha Rao had linked Mr Hassan’s remarks to his much-speculated entry in politics, saying Mr Haasan has signalled that he has “arrived on political scene as a fringe element”.


He on Sunday unequivocally stated that he will launch a political party soon.”I will surely start a party and enter politics,” said the actor during a function to mark the 39th anniversary of his welfare association (Kamal Haasan Narpani Iyakkam) at Kelambakkam near Chennai.

Kamal said he was confident that his fans would fund his political party. “I will not deposit the funds in Swiss banks. Instead I will try to bring back our money that is lodged in the Swiss banks,” Kamal said.

“Don’t swallow poison handed to you in the name of religion,” Kamal Haasan said, adding that he never advocated bringing down temples and that persecution has become commonplace in today’s politics.

The reaction to his remarks has only exposed the growing intolerance in the Indian society. Anyone with different opinion is abused, threatened and called an antinational. Apart from targeting Kamal Hasan his daughter is abused on SM and posters of her movie’s vandalised.

In the past Misa Bharti was targeted for her father Lalu Prasad Yadav‘s politics. Writers and rationalists are repeatedly threatened and attacked. The killing of Gauri Lankesh is still fresh in people’s mind. All these reactions only reconfirm Kamal Haasan’s comment on “Hindu terror “and the growing intolerance .


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