DRI seized 50 tonnes of Red Sandalwood being illegally exported to China,Ramdev Moves Delhi HC


Patanjali accused of illegal export to china moves to High Court against the seizure of red sandalwood by the Director of Revenue Intelligence (DRI).

With Customs department, DRI seized 50 tonnes of red sandalwood along with it the documents like passport of patanjali representative. The people aware about the matter said that, Patanjali had permission to export Grade C sandalwood but the goods were seized on suspicion that they may have included better-quality Grade A and Grade B.


“We haven’t exported so far but are in the process of exporting red sanders wood purchased from APFDCL (Andhra Pradesh Forest Development Corp Ltd) and we have not done anything wrong or illegal. Everything is as per law of (the) land,” a Patanjali spokesperson said in an email. “In this process of export, all documents and facts comprising purchase order, proforma invoice, physical goods at Krishnapatnam Port, rate of goods, permission and licence are for C category red sanders wood. APFDCL in Andhra Pradesh has verified the same.”

Adding to it, “Some misleading and false information by trade persons with vested interests may have led to this investigation,” the person said suspecting that rivals might have done this. “Nowhere, issue of export of Category A or Category B arises.” Trades people also said that, “They had sought permission to export inferior grade sandalwoods.”

Pantanjali asked Delhi High Court to release the goods, “We have reason to believe that along with some inferior grade perhaps some superior grade sandalwoods are also being exported. We have asked them not to export till we complete our investigations.”

According to High court’s command the next hearing will be on April 18th, “The primary prayer of the writ petitioner is against the said seizure and for the release of the same,”

According to The Indian Express, in 2013, following clearance from the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species (CITES), the Director General of Foreign Trade issued a notification amending the export import policy that paved the way for the Andhra Pradesh government to auction the red sanders.

In 2014, the state government received a strong response from global buyers with bidders paying around Rs 30 lakh per tonne on average. The rate rose to as much as Rs 2 crore per tonne for top-quality Grade A logs, only limited stocks of which were available for auction.

In 2015, Pantajali was the giant bidder by purchasing 706 tonnes of red sanders for rs 207 crores. Experts said all the logs are coded by the forest department as export of sandalwood is banned but inferior grades are allowed. Red sanders is highly valued in China where it’s used to make gifts and furniture. The country is said to be the biggest importer of both legal and illegal red sanders.

If you look at his below tweet from 2016, he always attacked China and asked his followers not to use chinese products and boycott.


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