Event on Gandhi was Halted by BHU Administration Allegeding ‘Spreading Misconceptions on RSS’

BHU administration intervenes in an event to pay homage to Mahatma Gandhi. Credit: Twitter/@nsui

Varanasi : BHU administration jump into an event organised by NSUI to pay homage to Mahatma Gandhi and stopped it.


NSUI an student wing of Congress has organised an event to pay homage to Gandhi in BHU campus, the students even was symposium on ‘Division of India, Gandhi and Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS).’


Students claim that the event, however, ended abruptly after the BHU chief proctor O.N. Singh intervened and asked to end the programme, terming it illogical and illegal from the university’s point of view. Singh further accused the students of spreading misconceptions under RSS’s name.

Student leader Dhananjay Tripathi who was one of organiser of event said, “Our event was going peacefully and we were seated calmly on the grass at Madhuban lawn, its located at heart of BHU.”


All the participants were expressing their opinions as an open forum and the discussion was on Gandhi and RSS, but all of sudden, BHU chief proctor jumped in to event and forced us to stop the ongoing activity and wind up the program, and stated that we can’t organise any symposium against the RSS as it had no role in the assassination of Mahatma Gandhi.” he added

They even tore our posters, banners and destroyed Gandhiji’s picture, they even pushed us and asked us to leave the campus immediately . We all were BHU’s students but they treated us as outsiders and rusticated students.” Tripathi said.

Twitter @NSUI

Dhananjay further said, “Sadly, on one hand, Narendra Modi ji is paying his tribute to Mahatma through Twitter . While, on the other hand, students are bounded by the university to ponder on history.”

One of participants was Gandhian philosopher Arif, who opined and said , “The new generation finds it hard to believe that there was once a person on Earth like Mahatma who continues to inspire millions with his ideas.

It is the right of the students to think about the history of India, we have right to ponder on the root cause of nation’s contemporary problems. But today, RSS again murdered the Gandhian philosophy,” he added.

BHU chief proctor O.N. Singh said, “Neither we had any information nor we have given any notice regarding the programme. Some eight to ten students just want to start a controversy on Gandhi and RSS. Even some of the rusticated students were among the participants.

We don’t force them against pondering on Gandhiji’s ideology, but they are not allowed to spread misconception on RSS,” Singh added.


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