Muslims May Have Different way of Performing Prayers, But their Nationality is Hindu : Mohan Bhagwat

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KANPUR: Hindu is a geographical term. This is historically correct. More or less this very name is derived from Sindhu River that was pronounced differently. If Greeks called it Indus River the Muslims identified it in a varied way. Later the word Sindhu became Hindu and the people living alongside the tributaries of the main river came to be known as Hindu. There is no veracity in attaching the term Hindu with idol-worshippers. This is what we gather from different schools of the historians.

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Inversely proportion to this notion the RSS chief Mohan Bhagwat on Wednesday said that every person living in India is a Hindu including Muslims who are Hindu by nationality but Muslim by faith. But relating to Hindu is similar to Hinduism. He would have better called them Hindustani rather than calling them Hindu. This signifies now a religion. How could he mix faith and nationality by one terminology? He even cleared in his address at Baitul in MP that India is the only country for the Hindus which gives an indication of people professing a particular religion.

If he named the Muslims living in the country Hindus they become an inseparable part of the majority community and their status as the religious minority will remain finished as being the nationals of the Bharat Mata. Why are they being forced to accept two varied positions at a time? What is the requirement of such classification at election time? The RSS first raised reservation issue, then triple talaq issue and now this point simply to gain political mileage out of such vocalisations, maintained several social media gazers.


The BJP’s parent party is in every way not calm at pointing towards issues directly related with the two centres of the population whose votes bring desired results in the assembly elections. The saffron party without difficulty perceives this point of view and its leaders continue to look for such kind of topics. That is what seemed to have been done by Mohan Bhagwat, the RSS chief who is also well aware of this fact. His intention to bring the BJP at the top position in the states where assembly polls are being carried out is apparently as clear as filtered water.

It is what our Prime Minister Narendra Modi is also trying to secure. Brimming with high hopes &  like that of 2014 parliamentary elections he once again targets the bull’s eye. His recent speech in parliament showed us a particular way of attacking opposition leaders. He might be thinking of bringing a significant gain through this style. His open snaps seem to have been concluded by the uppermost ideological organisation Rashtriya Swayamsewak Sangh leader as he called on the Hindus to remain united but are they really overflowing with the nicer contemplations of the unity?




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