Expelled by Mayawati, Ex-BSP Leader Siddiqui reached under Yogi Adityanth’s Shelter

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Nasimuddin Siddiqui, who was expelled from the BSP, met with CM Yogi Adityanath. On Monday late night, Nasimuddin Siddiqi went to CM’s official residence to meet him. Siddiqui has been removed from the BSP on charges of debasement. Additionally, Siddiqui’s child Afzal has likewise been ousted from the Party.

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A week ago, Nasimuddin had affirmed Mayawati that she was requesting Rs 50 crore. What’s more, he has additionally blamed Mayawati for making frightful remarks against Muslim. Siddiqui had charged in a question and answer session that his life was in risk. He had said that he has such a variety of confirmation against BSP supremo Mayawati and some different pioneers of BSP that on the off chance that he uncovered, a seismic tremor can happen.


On Mayawati calling himself a blackmailer, Siddiqui had said that she attempted the formula of the BSP boss and tapped her telephone. Siddiqui said that I did this to spare my better half and tyke. Siddiqui stated, ‘Mayawati ought to disclose to me who coerced her. To spare my significant family, I used to take in Mayawati’s telephone taping tips on them. Mayawati called me a blackmailer to conceal her misbehaviors. Till now I didn’t see the huge blackmailer more than Mayawati. She coerced administrators and MPs

Siddiqui charged that many individuals left the Party in the wake of being tired of Mayawati’s provocation. On the assertions of Mayawati’s altering in the sound, she stated, “How does Mayawati realize that the sound has been messed with?” He stated, ‘the sound that I have discharged can be inspected anyplace. In the event that this is turned out to be an altering then I am prepared to do what she’ll say. Mayawati dependably tops off the new story.



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