Exposed : Being Indian and Amar Ujala Posted A Fake Story of Car Decorated with Rs 2000


Mumbai : Thousands of people on internet were fooled by this fake news.

There is a famous Internet Quote “Not everything you see on internet is entirely true” and Irony Of India has always followed that footsteps to stick with the truth and expose the lies.

Right now we’re going expose yesterday’s viral post about a car which is decorated with fake 2000 Notes, it was published by  dozens of social media pages on Facebook, Being Indian and Laughing Colours which has over millions of page followers also posted this fake news.


How did it began?

The fake story of this car was first published by Amar Ujala, who claimed a man from Mumbai have decorated it with Rs 2000 notes to gift the car to his beloved Girl friend on Valentines day. Their story further claimed that the guy was arrested by Mumbai Police as soon as he hit the road.

Later on same day, very famous page on Facebook Being Indian who is known for Modi appeasement has covered same fake story referring Amar Ujala as resources. They as usual tried to bringing Modi in this news for attraction. Seriously Being India? Well we know you were looking for a click bait to earn $$$.

Fact Check : 

When our team found this news, we started investigating it till the roots and found this story to be totally fake! First thing we noticed that this car carried Black / Yellow licence plate, which means its a rented car with taxi registration, so someone won’t gift a rented car to  his girlfriend.

The what’s the truth? 

Zoom Car india tweet below proves this car was decorated for Valentines Week 5 days ago.


This car was a promotional car and printed with Rs 2000 note, not decorated with Rs 2000 note. Zoom Car india has came up with this promotional activity to attract lovers and take selfie. This car was parked at different location of Pune, Mumbai, Delhi and Hyderabad for selfie.

We where first to expose this, Read Mode comment here :

 Finally Zoom Car clarified it and dismissed the claimed of many news Media.

Here is a selfie which we have received from one of over fan who took this selfie at Delhi.

Irony of India requests our followers to submit any suspicious fake post through our mail box.



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