Exposed by Bengalurean : BJP’s lies on ‘No inconvenience’ in demonetisation


Twelve days of demonetisation, long queues, cashless ATMs, rounds of rumours, deaths, countless memes and jokes, lingering misinformation, and whatnot. This man sets out in Bengaluru to see the state of things, amid the word on the street and media reports.


Prime Minister Narendra Modi has quoted Boby Dylan jeering its detractors. Deputy manager of State Bank of India died in bank due to overload. India’s small-scale shopkeepers have gone cashless.

Amusing enough but ATMs in Parliament House too were running dry. A lot has happened in the last 12 days. Internet of things has helped many to learn about demonetisation but has also played its part to mock the note ban.


And rumours and media reports about cash crunch in ATMs in almost all parts of the country, one man — Tinu Cherian Abraham — from Bengaluru set out to see if the media is spreading lies about demonetisation or whether the ATMs really don’t have enough cash.

Tinu, a social media influencer, went to 23 different ATMs in Bengaluru city and shared the real picture by tweeting about each ATM he visited.

Stop 1

Stop 2

Stop 3

Stop 4


Stop 5

Stop 6

Stop 7

Stop 8

Stop 9

Stop 10


Stop 11

Stop 12

Stop 13

Stop 14

Stop 15

Stop 16

Stop 17

Stop 18

Stop 19

Stop 20

Stop 21

Stop 22

Stop 23

And then came the exhaustion and dehydration.


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