Exposed : Fake ‘BBC Survey’ Claiming Congress 4th Corrupt Party in the World is going Viral


Political parties supporters and  influencers are known for spreading fake propaganda, this time a fake survey of BBC News Point blog posts site is going viral over social media.

According to our investigations, the below blog post has started spreading over internet claiming “Indian National Congress” is worlds 4th most corrupt political party. And interestingly several BJP supporters on social media has believed in it and taken no time to spread this fake propaganda.

We were the first to expose them 3 days ago.

Another fake news and propaganda blog which we have already exposed earlier when they covered fake news on AAP , this time they took same info form a random blog site and published fake news.

A twitter handle with user name @SirJadeja who first posted the image claiming Indian National Congress is 4th  largest corrupt party in the world with a fake source went viral.

Even a naive person can find difference between BBC and BBC News point logo, but such social media influencers has seen spreading fake propaganda many time. But as the news started spreading, users began putting the real BBC logo, giving people the impression that BBC had indeed conducted the survey.
BBC India’s Geeta Pandey on Monday posted a tweet, corroborating that the survey indeed was fake as the BBC doesn’t do such stories.

This Guy who is an Ex- BJMP, Puneet Sharma who is followed by our honourable PM Narendra modi took same survey and made a fake image using Photoshop and BBC logo. He claim to be Ex State Media In-charge BJYM | Ex State Co-Convener Samvad Cell.

However, the news of the alleged corruption has gone viral thanks to several influencers on Twitter, who had shared the story.


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