Exposed : Pune cleric Picture was used without his permission on Banner supporting Ram Mandir construction

Banner out side UP Assembly premises in Lucknow. Express : IE Image

Lucknow : A viral banner in support of Ram Temple in Ayodhya, which was put up outside the UP Assembly premises in Lucknow last week by BJP leader Kunwar Syed Iqbal Haider, has raised a controversy after featuring Maulana Dr Shabih Ahsan Kazmi image on banner, he is a religious leader from Pune.

Banner out side UP Assembly premises in Lucknow. Express : IE Image

According to report published in Indian Express, Pune based religious leader Mr Kazmi said his picture was used without his knowledge or permission, and he didn’t even know about the banner untill “this picture went viral on social media”.


Images of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and BJP chief Amit Shah were also featured on banner.. Kazmi’s photograph is displayed on the banner, along with the statement “Ho janmabhumi par mandir nirman, Muslimo ka yahi armaan” (Let the temple be constructed at Ram’s birthplace, that’s what Muslims wish for).

Maulana Kazmi on the banner.

Kazmi, clearly said that my picture was used with “mischievous intent”, to show that he had extended support for the construction of Ram Temple in Ayodhya.

“I have not made any such comment regarding the Ram Mandir issue, which is sub-judice. The order of the Supreme Court on the issue will be final and I will accept it,” said Kazmi.


When we looked at Mr Haider’s Facebook page, he is running a campaign on social media as well as at ground level in support of Ram Temple, and has held a press conference in Uttar Pradesh as part of his campaign. An image on his Facebook page, posted on Friday, shows the banner on display behind Haider as he addresses the media.

Haider told The Indian Express over the phone to this BJP leader who is running campaign, “We got Maulana Kazmi’s photograph from his representative Hussain Raza in Lucknow, that’s why we used it. The Supreme Court wants the Ram Mandir issue to be resolved through talks. We are doing the same thing. Thousands of Muslims in India are joining our campaign and supporting the construction of Ram Mandir. We appeal to Maulana Kazmi… he too should come out openly to support it…”

Let us tell you about this new BJP Leader, Mr Haider has been member of BJP state executive for almost eight months, and he had been associated with the party for over a year.

Now you know why he is doing all this..

Source : Indian Express 



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