Exposed : Telangana BJP Leader Shared China’s Cow Skinning Picture Claiming as India


Telangana BJP Leader shares fake skinning pic from abroad to incite people, says it’s India

Telangana BJP Leader Shares Cow Skinning Pic From Abroad, Says Its India

Anumula Mahesh Kumar vice president of BJP SC Morcha in Telangana on his Facebook Profile, shared  the image on social media networking site last month, which is now going viral and has been shared by 3252 times. He is found inaugurating ceremonies and participating in political rallies. Upon scrolling the images he uploaded, he can be seen standing behind senior BJP leader and Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu as reported by Boom Live.

Translation of the post (from Telgu).

Translated version of his post reads as quoted. It is clearly visible that he is inciting people on fake images and alleging the current state government. Using fake image is defiantly a bad idea.

‘Children of Bharat Mata. See how they’re killing a living ‘Gomatha’. What shall we do about these fellows? The government is not stopping such atrocities but encouraging it for votes! Do we need this kind of government in Telangana?’

Mahesh Kumar was not budge when exposed by the FB users.

Mahesh Kumar even seems not budge when many users in the comments exposed him. This post is still visible on his timeline at the time of writing the story.

Upon tracing the image little further, we found it was sourced from some where China. Some organisation or group were urging people to sign an online petition against the Chinese government for not taking action against animal cruelty. Animals were skinned alive for leather in tanning industry.

Telangana BJP Leader Shares Cow Skinning Pic From Abroad, Says Its India

Nothing new, few days back, another BJP Leader was sharing the Fake Images to incite the people.

Kerala BJP Leader K Surendran posted a fake cow slaughter photo on his official Facebook Page. In his post, where he claimed that cattle was being slaughtered in public places in Kerala. Later it was found that most likely, this image is from Bangladesh. This image has been in circulation since before 2009 as can be seen in this WordPress blog. As reported by Alt News

Did you forget the Fake Assange’s endorsement which Wikileaks disposed later.

In the run-up to the elections, Priti Gandhi shared image of Assange’s Endorsement and calling the BJP leader “incorruptible”.  It was widely shared and promoted but later WikiLeaks disposed such as reported by IT

Wikileaks took to Twitter to deny the same.

Fake images are widely used and shared, either to incite public or for political mileage. Read More

Source : Boom Live

Photo Credit : Boom Live & Google


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