Exposed : Truth About Viral Video Claiming Hindus Celebrating Yogi Adityanath’s Victory in a Gorakhpur Mosque


Social Media : A video surfaced recently after Yogi Adityanath became Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh has gone viral on social media alleging Hindus disturbing Muslims prayers in Gorakhpur chanting “jai Shri Ram” to celebrate his victory.

Our team has investigated the video and found it to be 2 year old video, originally posted on Mar 2015 by a user.


Here is the Video which is going Virall :

This video is from Haji Malang Baba, Thane, Maharashtra and the allegations are false, people from every community visit here as devotes, it’s one of a kind Muslim shrine where Hindus perform aarti.


History about this Shrine

According to some mythological beliefs, In Thane district of the state of Maharashtra a king by name “Nal Raja” ruled. The atrocities on the common folk and the havoc created in his state by the demons reached unbearable proportions. The cry from the oppressed had reached to God and God ordered Baba Malang to pay a visit to the place from where these crimes against the society are committed and to ensure safety and wellbeing of the common man by eliminating these demons.

Baba Malang and his followers reached the small village called Brahman wadi near this mountain. On reaching, he felt very thirsty and asked for water from a house belonging to a Brahman Ketkar Family. The Brahman, realizing that Baba Malang and his followers are tired, arranged for a place to rest and offered them Milk instead of water. This holy act of the Brahman was duly appreciated by Baba and he blessed him. He took leave from the Brahman in order to complete the work ordered by the God at the earliest.


They found a small and cleaner place where Bakhtawar wanted to put so Baba Malang blessed him, and said “that during “Kalyug” this place will be known as “first Step” and will be treated as sacrosanct.”

According to legend the King and Queen have been turned to stone and even today are stoned by believing public. A climb to the mountain includes being carried by a rope across two peaks for Rs. 20.00 After this you carry on climbing and try to stone the peaks and it is believed that if your stone hits one of the peaks then your wish will be granted as long as you do not wish for the throne of Delhi.


Once a year it is time to celebrate a big festival on this mountain named after Baba. This year on the 3rd of February is the annual Urs or the birth centenary of Baba Malang. The devout followers of Baba from every caste and creed attend to the celebrations with great fervor. During these annual celebrations Baba’s Palkhi is carried out and it forms the Juloos. The Palkhi route covers the entire mountain and is then brought back to the Dargah. The bursting of crackers and lightening of the mountain highlight the night on which this Palkhis makes round. The fireworks display from the mountain is a delight to see. The pilgrims desiring to stay overnight can hire temporary huts on small rentals. From the Dargah, a further hike of 45 minutes to 1 hour, takes you to the graves of ” Panch Peer ” which are of the disciples of Baba who came with him. Along this stretch, one visits the place of “Chasma”. It is believed that from a spot where Baba’s horse leg touched, water spouted.

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