Fact Check : Were ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ slogans raised during Belagavi Congress MLA rally?


Karnataka : A video went viral on social media claiming ‘Pakistan Zindabad’ slogans were raised during Belagavi Congress Leader Feroz Saith’s rally in Belgaum on 7th May. Several people on Twitter, Facebook  YouTube and WhatsApp have shared this video claiming ‘Pakistan flags were waived and Pakistan Zindabad slogans were raised ‘.

One twitter user Gajendra Tripathi @GajjTripathi uploaded the video claiming  “Pakistan zindabaad slogans raised in congress Mla Feroz Saith Rally in Belgaum #karnataka About to be a Second Kashmir” which went viral and recieved several hundreds retweets.

Another Twitter user alsi shared the video with similar caption.

However the fact is people were saying ‘Azeem Bhai, Zindabad’ and ‘Patwegar Zindabad’. Below is the original video with clear audio and subtitles.

Many regional News channel also broadcasted this video with misleading caption.

Soon after video went viral, Congress leader Feroz Saith held a press conference and rubbished the allegations as mischievous and deliberate act to defame his political campaign before Election polling days. He approached Cyber Crime Division and has filed a complaint against people who have tempered the video and shared it with false information.

Few people also claimed Pakistani flags were waived during his rally, however it is not a Pakistani Flag  but a common Islamic green flag among Muslim community with the crescent moon and star.


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