Failed to build in Ayodhya, BJP Managed to Build ‘Ram Mandir’ in Mumbai

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Mumbai : Wait, if you are thinking they built a Temple, then you are wrong. BJP have just named a railway station as ‘Ram Mandir’. The suburban (Mumbai Local) station between Jogeshwari and Goregaon was to be named ‘Oshiwara’, till now it was a tradition of naming a suburban railway network station after the local area in which the station is located. But a after months of ‘petitions’ filed by local BJP and Shiv Sena leaders, CM Devendra Fadnavis gave the go-ahead to name it ‘Ram Mandir’.


‘Why Not Ram?’

The campaign and petition to name the ‘Oshiwara’ station as ‘Ram Mandir’ was led by local BJP MLA Vidya Thakur and local Shiv Sena MP Gajanan Kirtikar. She also tweeted a celebration image after CM gave it a green signal of naming the station as ‘Ram Mandir’. The Goregaon constituency, which Vidya Thakur represents, was earlier held by senior Shiv Sena leader Subhash Desai for a long time. Riding the Modi wave in recent election, Thakur defeated Desai in the 2014 Assembly elections and was awarded an MoS post by Fadnavis.

Vidya Thakur is a north Indian and there is a sizeable population of migrants from Uttar Pradesh and Bihar in the Goregaon-Oshiwara belt. BJP wants to woo them, along with ‘the Hindutva-ideology’. This is all they are doing as in the upcoming BMC elections ,BJP is preparing to fight it alone as its alliance with Shiv Sena is precarious.


‘BJP Playing Politics’

Nearby the station, There is indeed a famous Ram Temple in the area. But the name of the area is Oshiwara. This areas incidentally has a substantial Muslim population. Muslims of the area is not happy and opposed the move got Opposition parties support also.

The Ram Mandir issue brings back horrific memories for Muslim residents of the city. In 1992, following the demolition of the Babri mosque during the Ram Mandir agitation, riots broke out in the Mumbai city. Out Of the 900 killed alone in Mumbai, around 600 were Muslims. The actual number is far greater, Muslim organisations allege.

Was it really necessary to name a station with Temple name? when we ask experts they suggested the suburban station get a name after the locality. Here the locality name is ‘Oshiwara’ and government has passed the petition of naming the station after a temple name called ‘ram Mandir’.

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